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" The Black Forest Region Belchen " refers to those holiday towns and villages round one of the highest Black Forest mountains (1,414m) with the names "Holiday Region of Schönau im Schwarzwald" and "Holiday Region of Münstertal-Staufen".


    The towns and villages of the "Holiday Region of Schönau im Schwarzwald"

  • Aitern
    638-1.078 m, 304 guest beds
    Quiet and sunny Black Forest village in southern exposure.
  • Böllen
    600-1.320 m, 19 guest beds
    Embedded in the valley of Böllen at the foot of the Belchen.
  • Fröhnd
    400-1.200 m, 200 guest beds
    "One of the most beautiful villages in Germany".
    Federal winner and gold medal BRD, federal state winner and gold medal Baden-Württemberg
  • Schönau im Schwarzwald
    540-1.311 m, 266 guest beds
    Climatic health resort in Belchen region.
  • Schönenberg
    700-1.414 m, 85 guest beds
    The village lies in a beautiful situation below the Belchen.
  • Tunau
    735 m, 50 guest beds
    At the end of a high valley, very quietly and without through traffic situated.
  • Utzenfeld
    561 m, 82 guest beds
    Quiet location with nature reserve "Utzenfluh" (94ha).
  • Wembach
    528 m, 18 guest beds
    Resort with mainly rural character.
  • Wieden
    850-1.300 m, 540 guest beds
    Health resort in a sunny high valley at the foot of the Belchen.

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